Information For Men: Curing Delayed Ejaculation

Advice For Men

It’s a common misconception, particularly on the Internet, that delayed ejaculation is a difficult problem to overcome.

But if you really want to enjoy better sex, and you’re willing to try some simple treatment strategies, you’ll find it easier than you ever imagined to overcome this challenge.

In my work over many years, I’ve found that only a few men want to seek treatment with a doctor or therapist for help in overcoming their ejaculation problems.

Mostly that’s because they feel too embarrassed, perplexed, perhaps even ashamed, about it.

unhappy couple
Delayed ejaculation can lead to relationship problems….

And that’s not too surprising.

If you feel very different from other men – which is how a lot of men with delayed ejaculation do feel – you probably want to keep this “little secret” to yourself.

Regrettably, however, a lot of men with this problem don’t talk about it even to their partners. And that’s where the trouble starts. Does the picture below look familiar to you? Yes? It’s just too much trouble to get involved like that – right?

Talking to your partner is essential
Talking to your partner is essential.

Wrong! You have to communicate…. if you want to have  a worthwhile relationship…. and enjoy sex. Which you obviously do, since you’re reading this….

So I want to reassure you right now that treatment to overcome delayed ejaculation is possible, and it’s very likely to be easier than you ever imagined possible, and you can do it at home with your partner’s co-operation.

That’s true even if you’re not in a relationship – maybe because you broke up due to delayed ejaculation, or maybe because you never got into a long term relationship. Using the right techniques, you can still overcome many of the issues that cause you to have a slow or long lasting build up to orgasm. 

You see, although delayed ejaculation is often described as hard to overcome, this is not true. It only seems that way because DE is caused by several factors combining together.

Sort those out and treatment becomes easy.

The first cause of difficulty ejaculating is your relationship.

Just how do you feel about your relationship with your partner? And how do you feel about the way you and your partner make love? And how is your relationship to your own sexuality? 

These are just some of the many questions that help you understand the origin of ejaculation problems – if you want to go down that road.

What I’ve discovered, however, is that overcoming delayed ejaculation is possible without delving deeply into the psychology which lies behind it.

Video – Male Ejaculation Problems

If, for example, one of the issues which lies behind your delayed or retarded ejaculation is lack of intimacy between you and your partner, which in turn is leading to poor communication, I can offer you a solution to that problem.

You can establish greater intimacy by using some simple and practical techniques. This approach avoids the need to delve into the unconscious issues which might have caused your lack of intimacy in the first place.

intimate couple in bed
True intimacy involves connection on both emotional and physical levels.

In other words, this approach is about learning a new behavior which replaces the old one.

So, as far as intimacy is concerned, there are some very good techniques you can use to develop a close relationship.

Because once you feel physically close, it’s possible to be truly intimate.

How To Overcome Problems With Delays In Ejaculation!

So if you’re wondering how you’re going to be able to solve ejaculation problems, the good news is that this isn’t difficult.

Using my treatment program (click here to find out all about it), at home in privacy, you’ll soon be able to enjoy sexual intimacy to the full….

To start with, you’re going to train your body to respond more rapidly to sexual stimulation, so that you can reach orgasm more easily.

That’s a matter of engaging in some delightful sensory exploration exercises with your partner, all of which are designed to increase your sensitivity to physical stimulation.

And that’s important because, at the root of it, all sexual arousal is down to physical stimulation.

Woman lying on bed looking seductive
Sexual stimulation exercises can be great fun and a pleasure for both of you. There’s no pressure to ejaculate. All you are doing is getting much more comfortable with emotional and physical intimacy in a safe way.

Emotional and mental stimulation is an important part of sexual activity, and it can certainly help you become more sexually aroused.

However, the real key to sexual arousal is always physical stimulation.

You see, sexual arousal is rooted in the body. To put it another way, the arousal which generates an erection, and so gives you the means to have intercourse, is rooted in the body.

So part of the exercises you can use at home help you find trigger points on your body which provide you with  greater arousal than you normally experience.

Everyone has “erogenous zones” on the body, but very few people take the time and trouble to explore them in detail.

And that’s a shame, because they really can produce a great deal of physical arousal. For a man with delayed ejaculation, they can really help in the process of overcoming delays and reaching orgasm.

And if you feel anxious about having sex, I can show you how to reduce the level of anxiety that you experience around sex. 

This anxiety can interfere with your sexual responses, meaning that you might find ejaculation difficult.

By dealing with this anxiety and discovering way to really enjoy sex, it’s easy to significantly reduce the level of stimulation which you need to reach orgasm.

And I also show you how to be fully present when you’re making love to your partner. By fully present, what we mean is that you’re not “spectatoring” ….


This isn’t watching erotic or pornographic images of other people having sex!

According to sex researchers Masters and Johnson, spectatoring is “watching yourself have sex, accompanied by an anxious, internal, self-conscious dialogue.”

The internal chatter can include worries about one’s body (“I wonder what she thinks about my body”) or about one’s sexual performance (“She must be bored, I’m taking too long to come.” “Does she like the way I’m touching her?”)

couple making love
Are you fully engaged with sex, or are you spectatoring? (Watching yourself, a bit removed from the action?) When you overcome this way of being, you overcome ejaculation difficulties.

When spectatoring, a person is intently monitoring both their partner and themselves.

Not surprisingly, research shows that this is less satisfying than sex when you are “fully present”.

Men and women alike who engage in spectatoring or internal dialogue during sex have fewer real orgasms and more fake orgasms than those who have less internal chatter.

This isn’t surprising, given that it’s hard to be orgasmic while worrying about what your partner thinks about you and your body. Thinking you “should” have an orgasm can lead you to pretend to have an orgasm. Yes – men (especially those with delayed ejaculation) fake orgasm too, as you may know.

And so , all of these things come into my treatment program. Together, or separately, they can help you look forward to sex, enjoy the experience of sex, and reach orgasm easily! See the top of the right hand column of this page for details….